The Storm of the Warrior

By Robert Stephen Herrick


When winds howl in the mind in a rush to battle,

the warrior attacks at his plights to succeed,

to survive, and to flourish to proceed at all costs

whether by body or by mind or by spirit.


When the enemy is harbored within,

the storm of the warrior must fight to stay alive

despite internal opposition to do what is right

and endure old wounds to pursue new plights.


A veteran must pull forth with great strength

to conquer his fears and protect his hopes

and a good warrior is to be a guardian to

defend othersĀ from such discourse within them.


To survive the storm, all must endure

and any warrior must prevail by defense

only on the attack when such is called for

so that more last with this hope.


Storms of the Crescent Moon, By Robert Stephen Herrick

When the winds whirl whipping sand and salt into the air,

the heart can grow callous like the stinging of windburn

that strikes lines upon the face and reddens the skin

from a chill of cold or from the searing of heat as both

mix into each other perhaps day after day.

Life is not meant to be punitive, yet corrections ought to be made

as the storms without can create a turbulence within, and many

can be caught up from an uprising of the winds of change

being blown around with unrest and disturbed by the past

whether it is ancient or recent or simply not forgotten by the present.

Storms of the crescent moon flow in a chaos of pain

like the windburn of sand and salt which stings the heart

and riles up the soul and mind into great anger to hurt for peace

a peace which is hoped for but there seems to be a cost

as the memories of the past have left some debts to be paid for life.

The Storm of the Sun’s Rays, by Robert Stephen Herrick

When the light from the sun above
casts down its warming rays,
the warmth in the morning hours
heats up minute by moment and then comes
the storm of the sun’s rays.

From a calm brightness to a hot rain
of beams of unblocked light,
the cool of the night is gone
and the near blistering heat exudes
sweat from the pores of those caught within it.

A sunburn not so mild makes a mask on the faces
of those entrapped out of doors exposed
to the hot brightness descending down
from a cloudless sky searing skin and eyes
unprotected from the burning light.

The storm of the sun’s rays
can reek havoc even on the mind
like a delirium dancing like dry raindrops
washing out cognitive thought melting
common sense and concentration.

Sunstroke, heatstroke and fading senses
all created by the heat and light
as if some souls are to be melted
as if burned and dried and weakened by
the storm of the sun’s rays.

Turbulence of the Downpours, by Robert Stephen Herrick

When the rain melts down from the sky,
floods wash forth over the dry earth
creating mudslides and mayhem
and erosion simply shows on the riverbanks
and roadsides and near homes.

When lightning strikes are in a watery mix
the thunders grates against the winds
and releases many decibles of terror
like the tanks of war crashing into each other
during the turbulence of the downpours.

A waterfall can roar and fall along the riverpath,
yet to see such from the dome above
is to take cover and hide within safer walls
as the rush drenches all beneath it
as the rains saturate all below.

As the clouds look like pieces of slate,
when the heavens look dark and dull and dreadful,
keep in your heart some faith that it will pass
and be mindful of nature’s workings
as no human can control its path.

The Course of the Winds, by Robert Stephen Herrick

Do you feel the brush of the breezes
as if it lives by each simple moment,
and do you wonder why it flows from
the horizons of the sky?

Can the motion of something unseen
mean much more than just a relative being
upon its own course travelling across
the plains and forests and mountains and streams?

Take a look as it brings on the storm
and sense its strength and force move along
as the clouds darken in thickness and hue
and the dome above fades to gray from blue.

North, south, east, west …
can any direction it has last long for its path?

See the sand and dust take shape in swirls
and feel the rush whisk by your very living soul
as the loose leaves are challenged to remain
unstirred yet are unsettled upon the ground.

Many many times the winds take their course
without much notice until they arrive, but
do they have any destination at all
or do they just continue to thrive?

Glaze of an Icy Morning, by Robert Stephen Herrick

Creeping forth from the twilight
an icy glimmer cascades over the earth
with an eerie glint like glass
coating the roads and streets and sidewalks
as if it were clear oil frozen hard and fast.

At the crack of dawn,
the sheer sleeves and frost heaves
spread far and wide and capture the color
as a vague lavendar iridescence
with white snow trapped in its shield.

The glaze reflects the colors of the dawn
when the temperatures have fallen to their low
and for the people beginning to stir
their passage-ways endanger them for sure
as the icy scene begets something not quite serene.

The sun does arrive into the frigid sky
and salt and sand and small rocks have been tossed
upon the slick and solemn flows of ice
upon the roads and streets and sidewalks
with white snow trapped in its shield.

Blackout from the Storm, by Robert Stephen Herrick

Electric currents sparking out into the air
send shocks throughout the wires writhing
upon the ground and groping for a connecting
no longer available, no longer complete.

The power of the lightning shorts away
the lines upon the high posts and the grids
are locked down in a blackout from the storm;
the routines are different within the home.
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